Guided Meditations

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The guided meditation selections are designed to take the patient deeper into a subconscious theta brainwave state where positive messages can be delivered successfully.  The guided meditations on the 5500XLS Biosound Healing Therapy System cover a variety of topics including Overcoming Past Trauma, Pain Control, Releasing Anxiety, Overcoming Guilt and Shame and many more.

Solfeggio Meditations

Solfeggio Meditations (Guided Male)

Guided Imagery is commonly used for emotional healing or psychological conditions. It can help resolve emotional wounds such as trauma, guilt, shame and even low self-esteem. The meditation starts with effective breathing and relaxing techniques, and then progresses through to the main underlying issue and provides a direction toward a solution.  Positive affirmations are delivered in a left to right stereo effect.

Release Fear & Guilt 30 Minutes
Overcome Past Trauma 30 Minutes
Begin Your Transformation 30 Minutes
Heal All Relationships 30 Minutes
Tap Into Your Creative Self 30 Minutes
Discover Your Divine Light 30 Minutes

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Mindfulness Meditations

Meditations designed to relax the mind and body while delivering a message about mindfulness.  

Gratitude 30 Minutes
Higher Consciousness 30 Minutes
Relaxation 30 Minutes
Release Anxiety 30 Minutes
Self-Healing 30 Minutes
Stop Smoking Now 30 Minutes
Stop Smoking Forever 30 Minutes
Lose Weight Now 30 Minutes


Emotional Healing (Guided Female)

The emotional healing series is a group of guided meditations in a female voice targeted at accepting loss, forgiveness, saying goodbye, improving relationships, love, and facing fears.

Acceptance 60 Minutes
Love 37 Minutes
Peace 32 Minutes

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