TMS Healing Solutions

“There’s tremendous benefit in using TMS and Biosound therapy for patients with depression and anxiety. The most obvious benefit for our patients is helping them to learn how to cope with symptoms of depression and anxiety. We also help them incorporate meditation and deep breathing into their daily lives. Biosound is great to use before a session, especially if the patient is nervous.”

Britani Hall / The Healing House
How It Works

TMS providers are reporting that their patients are more relaxed before and after their TMS session, and that they want to return for additional sessions because they thoroughly enjoyed their Biosound experience. TMS providers who integrate Biosound TMS healing solutions are now able to treat pain, stress, headaches and other symptoms associated with depression. This unique and innovative treatment has been proven to deliver many benefits for both your patients and your practice. TMS healing solutions are the perfect treatment method for patients experiencing chronic pain, depression, and anxiety and who are looking to greatly improve their symptoms. Help your patients alleviate stress and achieve long-lasting results with this cutting-edge TMS treatment, backed by 100% satisfaction.

Practice Benefits

  • Generate a new revenue stream
  • Offer a new effective holistic modality
  • Gain access to our patient referral program
  • Increase staff productivity

Patient Benefits

  • Calm pre TMS apprehension
  • Relieve post TMS headaches
  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves pain
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