Biosound Therapy System for Chiropractors

“I first came upon the Biosound® Healing Therapy system at a Florida Chiropractic Conference.  I did a 20 minute sound massage and didn’t want to get off the system when it was done.  I had never gotten to such a peaceful state so quickly in my life and I have meditated for years.  I’m always trying to find ways to teach patients to be able to learn techniques to step outside of their day to day stresses and this was what I had been looking for for years.  Feel free to check out my website to see how we are marketing it and take your next step in working to help your patients get the healthiest they’ve ever been.”

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Dr. Scott Barry D.C / Bay City Rehab & Wellness

“Treatments in the Biosound® Healing Therapy bed gave me a tremendous amount of relief from severe osteoarthritis pain in my right knee, hip and lower back. Not only was my pain managed, the treatments gave me a sense of calm and well being. I am a true believer in Biosound!”

Mary A. / ARNP

Biosound therapy has greatly helped to calm my patients’ stress response, down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system and allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to turn on.  As a result, the efficacy of the herbal and nutritional therapies I have recommended increases and my patients see results faster. They also feel better from the Biosound therapy session immediately.

Janice Piro / DC, DABCI
How It Works

Our Biosound Therapy System for chiropractors is an innovative healing solution designed to greatly benefit both you and your patients. This cutting-edge technology can assist your patients to overcome a range of physical and emotional issues. It is a sound and massage treatment that is guaranteed to help your patients feel relaxed and fully engaged in the treatment session. The Biosound System for chiropractors has many benefits and has been a number one choice for many healthcare professionals looking to improve their practice.

Practice Benefits

  • Increase patient load without additional staff
  • Generate new revenue
  • Relax patients prior to adjustments
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Profit with just two patients per week when purchased with leased to own financing.

Patient Benefits

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Lower anxiety
  • Enhanced relaxation
  • Improved sleep
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