Biosound Therapy System for Addiction Treatment

“We immediately schedule our clients for a session of Biosound Therapy when we suspect they are becoming agitated or may end their treatment. After the session, they calm down to a point where they are willing to listen and cooperate. In addition to the obvious benefit to our clients, Biosound Therapy substantially reduces our AMA rates.”

John Giordano / President, G&G Holistic Treatment Center of Miami
How It Works

The Biosound Therapy System has been a proven and successful method for addiction treatment. Many healthcare professionals swear by this revolutionary healing treatment that combines music therapy with technology-controlled massages, specific to each client. It helps manage and control withdrawal symptoms, cravings, anxiety, depression, and many other issues on the road to recovery. It provides clients with a comfortable healing experience and can significantly improve treatment results. The Biosound Therapy System for addiction treatment yields many benefits for both you and your clients. Find out how it works below.

Practice Benefits

  • Reduce AMA early discharges
  • Generate new revenue & Insurance Reimbursable
  • Reduce patient turnover
  • Reduce staff stress and improve productivity

Client Benefits

  • Improved long-term recovery
  • Crisis intervention
  • Detox assistance
  • Pain relief
  • Lower anxiety
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