Vibrational Massage

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The Biosound Healing therapy system has been uniquely crafted with powerful transducers that transmit healing sound frequencies to the body. The vibrations are choreographed to the music, so the patient not only hears the music, but also feels it! This is also known as vibroacoustics. These vibrations help stimulate the body’s natural relaxation response and relieve any muscle tension, body aches, and pain.

Pain Management

Deep bass resonant frequencies deliver a deep tissue massage that will relieve muscle tension, body aches and headaches. The therapeutic music selections may be used to help induce a Theta level brainwave state and clear racing thoughts in order to introduce positive messaging through Guided Imagery. 

Deep Sound Massage 20, 30, 45 Minutes
Oriental Shiatsu Massage 30 Minutes
Pain Control (Guided) 30, 45 Minutes

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