Bio FeedbackNot only is biofeedback extremely relaxing, it’s a practice that can be taught by a licensed therapist and learned by you, the patient, over time by studying on your own. In fact, many people use biofeedback every day but just don’t realize it. If you’ve ever been in a stressful situation and needed to take some deep breaths to control your emotions, then you’ve already used it – albeit in a less refined way.

Therapist-taught biofeedback therapy can – at times – be complex. How it works is that you are attached to a monitor that displays your heart rate, respiration rate, temperature and other vitals. You’re then exposed to certain elements that disrupt those vital signs in one way, shape or form. Over time, you are taught how to lower your heart rate back down with our progress being tracked and verified by the nearby monitor.

At home, you can still learn the technique, even without the use of equipment. We recommend starting with deep breathing exercises to start and then building in new stimuli over a specified period of time. Eventually, you’ll be able to graduate to using Imagery – another easy form of biofeedback that allows you to use mental images to attain desired vital reactions within your body. Whether it’s a place that made you happy as a child or a smell that makes you hungry, you’ll eventually be able to use them to calm yourself down, help ease pain & anxiety and drastically reduce stress.

In fact, the proven benefits of biofeedback are numerous. Regular therapy sessions can allow your adrenals to restore their healthy function and recharge the nervous system, which gets gradually drained overtime by stress. When done properly, you’ll find that your experience will likely be like many of our clients have had – leaving with a profound sense of peace and calm.

So if you’re one of the thousands of Americans dealing with stress related ailments like trouble sleeping, pain, tension or high blood pressure, give Biofeedback a try. You won’t regret it!

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