Biosound Therapy is an innovative and holistic approach to assisting patients who suffer from substance abuse. It can also be combined with finding one of the best therapists for anxiety, to really hit the problem head-on and from as many angles as possible. Patients who are newly participating in Substance Abuse, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), are most likely still suffering from PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome), which can be extremely debilitating. Depending on the patient’s drug of choice, the quantity and extent of their usage, also plays a significant role in their recovery time. There are no two patients that have the same reaction, it is completely individualized. After the detoxification process, patients are adapting to life without drugs and alcohol, learning how to live properly and function in a healthy manner, as healthy members of society. Post detox, patients more often than not experience severe and continuous racing thoughts, irritability, extreme fatigue and difficulty concentrating, possibly leading them to leave treatment AMA (Against Medical Advice). Biosound Therapy’s organic and sophisticated technique integrates both a musical stimulation, in addition to visually guided meditation, with the Biosound Therapy System. The most dominant advantages to using the Biosound system is the calming effect, guiding patients towards a healing meditative state, concentrating on their breathing, bringing them to the present and a state of coherence. The Biosound Therapy System incorporates realistic and a constructive biofeedback program established on years of scientific analysis on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and interactions between the heart and brain. These healing processes created by the Biosound Therapy System can also be incorporated into other treatments that are being scientifically tested, such as using CBD products to help relieve stresses and anxieties, urging for a calmer mindstate to allow healing and complete focus on being present in the moment. For those wishing to experiment with CBD products to try and improve mentality for calmness, it can be very helpful to find that a person can locate CBD suppliers local to them simply by searching for CBD oil near me online. This can help patients find the appropriate CBD products that can aid them in recovery. Three patients were interviewed regarding their experience using Biosound Therapy. Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) the following patient’s names have been altered for confidentiality purposes. Austin R. used Biosound therapy immediately after getting out of detox. He was experiencing cravings, difficulty sleeping, and severe PAWS, in addition to being irritable and constant racing thoughts, which made it extremely difficult to be present. Austin used the Biosound system twice daily for the first week in treatment, and after the second day, his cravings subsided. He explained, “Focusing on the sound, in addition to the vibrations of the bed, helped me relax. I concentrated on the moving ball on the screen in front of me, which helped me to calm down, and helped with my anxiety. After a few days, I was able to sleep better, and my cravings started to go away.” Austin continues to use Biosound Therapy due to her extreme anxiety, and didn’t have confidence that she would be able to concentrate, and or sit still for an extended period of time. “After using the Biosound therapy system a few times, I began to feel calmer. I realized that concentrating on breathing really helps with my anxiety. I was really surprised that I was able to bring my mind and body to a place of complete meditation.” Similarly, Nathan C. used Biosound therapy once a day for a month in order to help him to relieve his anxiety and learn how to be calm and meditate. Nathan elaborated on his experience, “At first, I didn’t think that Biosound Therpay was going to help with my anxiety. After a week, I noticed that I still had anxiety, but not as often. The Biosound system helped me learn how to meditate, without a constant hamster wheel in my head. I am grateful for this experience.” According to patient testimonials, the consensus is Biosound Therapy has significantly influenced their early recovery process. The patients experienced extreme gratitude, and appreciation for their experience.